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Our history

Larkin Contracting L.L.C. was founded in 1998 with humble beginnings, working out of our basement of our house, self performing the work with 0 employees. Since that time, we have moved into our own office building and employ approximately 30 people. We at the Larkin Contracting Family strive to provide the best services at a reasonable price, using only quality minded craftsman taking pride in a job completed on time, under budget with as little interruption to the day to day operations of a client as possible.

Whether you have an existing commercial building needing repair or are planning a new project seeking quality minded subcontractors, we would enjoy the opportunity to be a part of the next team you put together.

we have over 20 years of experience

our Personnel

Larkin Contracting employees are highly skilled craftsmen in their respective trades, all going through years of apprenticeship before becoming journeyman workers.

All Larkin Contracting, L.L.C. employees are drug tested as we have a zero-tolerance for drug or alcohol abuse.

Through safety programs and the safety-minded efforts of our employees, Larkin Contracting, L.L.C. enjoys a lower than average experience modification rating from our worker’s compensation insurance carrier. Larkin Contracting is a signatory with the Bricklayers and laborers trade unions.


Michael P. Larkin

Vice President

Shawn Larkin


Martha A. Larkin

Office Manager

Heather Demaree-Stotts

Project Manager

Doug Krones